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A product of TDCCOL (Tribal Development Co-operative Corporation of Odisha Ltd)   

Horse gram is the most protein-rich lentil found on the planet. It is very high-powered. That’s why race horses are fed with this gram, which is called horse gram in the market.Raw horse gram is particularly rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and proteins, the major anti-oxidants.The health benefits of horse gram seem to be innumerable.its use for asthma, bronchitis, leucoderma, urinary discharge, kidney stones and heart disease. Ayurvedic cuisine also recommends horse gram for persons suffering from jaundice or water retention. Rheumatism, worms, conjunctivitis and piles are also said to quail before the power of horse gram. Horse gram has astringent and diuretic properties. It is also beneficial for extracting phlegm, and controlling fever and cholesterol levels.They contain diuretic and astringent properties which help in keeping the body warm during winters.

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